OpenStack is open for business

Moments ago Rackspace announced the OpenStack project. Not only is this awesome news in and of itself, it also means that I can finally blog about it :)

The Rackspace’s IaaS offering consists of two parts: Cloud Servers and Cloud Files. Incidentally, OpenStack (so far, at least) has two main components to it: A “compute” compenent called “Nova” and a “storage” component called “Swift”. Swift is the software that runs Rackspace’s Cloud Files today. Nova was initially developed by NASA and is not currently in use at Rackspace, but will eventually replace the existing Cloud Servers platform.

Last week, we held a design summit in Austin, TX, USA, with a bunch of people from companies all around the world who all showed up to see what we were up to and to help out by giving requirements, designing the architecture or write patches. The amount of interest was astounding!

I’m sure others will be blogging at length about all that stuff, so I’d like to touch upon some of the ways in which Nova differs from the alternatives out there. I’ll leave it to someone else to talk about Swift.

  • Nova is written in Python and uses Twisted.
  • Nova is completely open source. There’s no secret sauce. We won’t ever limit functionality or performance so that we can sell you an enterprise edition. It’s all released under the Apache license, so it’s conceivable that some company might write proprietary, for-pay extensions, but it won’t be coming from us. Ever. This is true for Swift as well, by the way.
  • Nova currently uses Redis for its key-value store.
  • Nova can use either LDAP or its key-value store for its user database.
  • Nova currently uses AMQP for messaging, which is the only mechanism with which the different components of Nova communicate.
  • The physical hosts that will run the virtual machines all have a component of Nova running on them. It takes care of setting up disk space and other parts of the virtual machine preparation.
  • It supports the EC2 query API.
  • The Rackspace API is in the works. I expect this will be the basis for the “canonical” API of Nova in the future, but any number of API’s could be supported.

I cannot explain how excited I am about this. Let me know what you think!

9 thoughts on “OpenStack is open for business

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  2. Soo Choi

    Congrats Soren. The NASA Nebula team is talking about coming out your way. Stay tuned for details. Hope you are around.

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  6. Juanjo

    It’s good news! Congratulations.

    I wonder if Deltacloud moving from Red Hat to the Apache Icubator was ‘inspired’ by this, but anyway… it’s great to see Rackspace releasing open source.

  7. Michael

    It’s avesome!
    As i’ve read, libvirt can be used with OpenStack – it’s my dream.

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  9. Jerome G.

    Congrats Soren! Looking forward to updates. Am also interested in participating.

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